Theology Thursday: Evolutionary Psychology vs Christianity

I love Evolutionary Psychology. Not many people, let alone Christians, would freely admit that statement. My love for such craziness though is not because I think Evolutionary Psychology is actually true. Evolutionary Psychology reminds me that even heretics get something right.

Evolutionary Psychology is defined as the approach to understand memory, perception and language as a product of evolutionary theory.

My first real grasp about evolution and psychology was a discussion about bonobo monkeys, chimpanzees and apes sexual practices.

The issue that I find over and over again is that according to Evolutionary theory there is an internal evolutionary reason for all the various “sins” we commit. Whether it’s the reasons why men are unfaithful, why we chose our partners, our honesty or lack there of. Evolutionary Psychology has some reason from our past that helps us understand why we do what we do.

The funny thing about Christianity, is there is the fundamental idea that man has a sin nature. Why do people lie? Sin. Why do men have affairs? Sin. Why do people perform heinous acts against each other? Sin. The Christian belief about a sin nature, doesn’t say that men always sin or that men are evil to the core. The doctrine of the sin nature says that men has a propensity evil and cannot change that.

Evolutionary Psychology diverts the moral dilemmas regarding man’s propensity to evil. Evolutionary Psychologists don’t just accept that men are evil, but seeks to explain the evils of society. This runs contrary to the views that all men are good by nature and if put in the right circumstances will always chose good.

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