First Post

Well, for most of you, you never saw the old blog. That’s probably for the better. There were some of David’s classic stories about things he has gotten his friends into. Many of them were less than serious, but still a worthwhile read. Perhaps in time, they will resurrect. There was the occasional, but never read, post on theology, philosophy or apologetics. I thought there were some good ones, but my lack of readership says otherwise. Of course, this new culmination of this blog, the rebuilding and rising of the Phoenix, will emphasize philosophy in a way the previous one did not. In order to keep up on posts and not feel overwhelm in the busyness of work, family and life, others have taken up arms in our cause. Trevor Adams a philosophy student at Boise State University wanted to blog together for some, logical to him and possibly unfathomable, reason. Of course, probably this will mean that I’m more consistent in writing, because someone will read my posts, and neither of us have to write more than we need to. (The muse often visits at the most in opportune times and when she does writing must commence.)

As we embark on a new adventure and hopefully discover some brilliant insight into the fabric of reality. We ask that you would learn, listen and think. Oh and don’t be afraid to challenge us for anything we write. So far in my professional life, I’ve been challenged regularly and there’s nothing you can say that will hurt my feelings.